Jay Findling Through J Finn Industries Provides Loans on Assets

Your business assets are important. They are included in the company’s balance sheet and can be used as collateral for borrowing money for your business from different institutions. Whenever you need money on short notice and have exhausted other avenues, look to Jay Findling.

Provides Loans on Assets

The line of credit that is extended to you depends on the value and quantity of your inventory or other assets. For larger businesses, the amount you can borrow from J Finn Industries against your assets is bigger. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, are able to get only a small amount of money as their assets are not as many. Some of the advantages of getting financing by leveraging your assets include:

1. Lower interest rates
2. You can negotiate for better and more flexible paying terms thus reducing your likelihood to default
3. You can get the amount of money you need in the short run

The money that you receive can be used for different needs. You could:

1. Sustain your payroll as you wait for pending payments to offset the loan
2. Buy more inventory to increase volume of sales
3. Pay suppliers who are threatening to cut off their line of credit

J Finn Industries is one of the most reliable companies that provide liquidation services. The experience that Jay Findling has gotten from running the business for over twenty five years places him ahead of the pack. The company is well versed with every aspect of business liquidation and providing lifelines to businesses that desperately need it. in addition to this, the company boasts of an A rating from respectable financial institutions. If you would like to get asset financing for your business, you could not pick a better company to work with.